Our workshops are a fun and safe space for girls from 2nd to 8th grade to come together and focus on developing the 3 C's: Confidence, Creativity and Compassion

Why Join our Workshops?

With the support of volunteers and mentors from local high schools within our community, the girls are going to stretch their imaginations in workshops and learn to think bigger than themselves. For example, an activity that asks the girls: As a team, come up with a device that would save the world, with no limitations! Then present your device explaining how it would save the world, why you chose it, how much it would cost and why it would be that price. This activity allows the girls to get as creative as they want, learn how to work as a team, learn how to listen to other's opinions, it gets them thinking about life outside of their community, it will help them address the issues in their communities with a problem solving mindset - and much more!

We are also planning on bringing in some community service groups and hoping to meet some local Civil Servants, such as Mayors and Town Council Members to give the girls and understanding of what it takes to make their towns a safe and fun place to live, learn about their education and career path and hopefully ignite inspiration!

Being understanding of working families busy schedules and other commitment conflicts, workshops will be held once a month.

Recurring Schedule

The first Friday of every month - 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM - Bishops Gate, Mt. Laurel






September 8th, 2017 6:30PM

Define Leader/Understand characteristics exercise.

Guest Speakers State Trooper II Alina Spies and Sergeant Stacey Lloyd to discuss the hurdles they had to overcame to achieve their goals in non traditional female leadership.

Write letters for Operations Gratitude to thank solders for their service over seas and explain how we are going to leader by example back home.


October 6th, 2017

Confidence discussion: Define it, discuss how do we show it, share what what we are good at!

Learn how to walk into a room and introduce yourself confidently. 

Draw self portraits with positive imagery.

Break Our Group Activity: Create and invention that will save the world! And explain why!

Read selected bio from “Rebel Girls” book followed by discussion.


November 10th, 2017  *Please note: Not the 1st Friday due to a scheduling conflict with local school events

Learn the art of Negotiation! Understand different approaches and the "No Nos" of negotiating"

Make Cozies to Chemo blankets - Girls please bring two 2 yard pieces of fleece for this community service activity!

Guest Speaker from Feeding 5000 - Launch out sock drive with a goal of collecting 1000 socks for the homeless in our community!

What we are thankful for - write it down and pass it on

*Future Lady Leaders Funder Raiser tentatively November 17th, 2017 - Families welcome! Toys for Tots drive and Toy raffle, Kids come dressed as what they want to be when they grow up - lots of fun! Tickets will be on sale soon!


December 1st, 2017

Build a budget: Economic role play and financial exercises to learn to budget, how to save and the value of money

2nd-4th grade: Holiday shopping budget exercise

5th-8th grade: Car shopping budget exercise

Problem Solving Workshop


January 5th, 2018

Create your own ideal country: draw, describe landscape and environment and the laws that are in lace/what language they speak/how to raise money for upkeep

Design your own flag for your country and write an essay about the representation *time pending

Public Speaking creative expression activity

Conflict Management Discussion 


February 2nd, 2018 - Love Yourself theme!

Discussion of mindfulness and what is means to have a healthy body image.

Mini yoga session teaching breathing techniques for relaxation and mindfulness. 

Write your speech announcing your candidacy for President of your designed country.

Present and practice your speech with a 2-4 minute presentation.


March 2nd, 2018

Discussion on "Empowerment"

Activity Lead by Jen Dover

Mock Debates over selected topics/Conflict Management discussions/trainings.

Learn to listen and see from difference view points

Everyday leadership opportunities – conflict resolution among peers


Meet Your Mayor!

Discussion of civic responsibility

Outline 3 things we can do to help the town thrive


Community Service Event TBA!



Leadership Celebration Presentation!

Present all Capstone projects

Announce Scholarship amount

Closing ceremony


Future Lady Leadership scholarship award given to winning Lenape district graduate!

Registration opens for next year!