Our workshops are a fun and safe space for girls from 2nd to 7th grade to come together and focus on developing the 3 C's: Confidence, Creativity and Compassion

Why Join our Workshops?

With the support of volunteers and mentors from local high schools within our community, the girls are going to stretch their imaginations in workshops and learn to think bigger than themselves. We create a safe environment were everyone is heard, their opinion matters and girls can express themselves to build confidence. 

We are also bring in guest speakers and provide community service opportunities to give the girls an understanding of what it takes to make their towns a safe and fun place to live, become more civically and socially aware and hopefully ignite inspiration!

Being understanding of working families busy schedules and other commitment conflicts, workshops will be held once a month.

Recurring Schedule

The first Friday of every month* - 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM - Bishops Gate, Mt. Laurel





2019/2020 Agenda TBA!


September 14th, 2018 6:30PM

Breaking out of Gender Roles

Welcoming new members critical thinking team building activity

Pizza Talk discussion: What does being a girl mean to you? Why Future Lady Leaders?

Understanding the statistics - Why is there a confidence gap?

Discuss gender roles, subliminal micro aggressions and societal expectations of behavior

Brainstorming session: How do we break this cycle?

Group Activity: How can we lead by example more and be a part of creating an environment where everyone can be who they want to be?

Review of skills learned last year

Guest Speaker Kelsey Fiocco - Career Counselor 

Group Activity: Building confidence through understanding basic interview skills and building our "resumes" listing our accomplishments, skills and passions!


October 5th, 2018

Social Media Smarts

Pizza talk discussion: Define Social Media

Social Media quiz

Discussion: why do we use it? Pros/Cons? Do we understand the effects of Social Media?

Group Discussion Activity: How does this make you feel? Situational discussions to address the anxiety and pressure added by the presence of Social Media

Social Media safety – local Police Officer/Specialist

Activity: Defining you – A post, a picture or your character? Write/Draw how you want to be represented - How can you lead by that example each day?


November 2nd, 2018 

Fact, Fake and Opinion

Pizza Talk discussion: What is the difference between an opinion and a fact?

Siting Your Sources - Go over tricks in figuring out if information presented is a fact, is fake or is an opinion

Activity: Fact, Fake or Opinion Headline game show 

Review Negotiation techniques

Group Activity: Hand out topics for mock debate - Mentors help girls prep facts vs. opinions, complete research and present a statement for their perspective on the given topic

Role play: Mock Debate/Negotiation

Announce Community Holiday drive collection

Community Service Activity: Partner with local Food back for "Real Facts about our Community" and to make PB&J sandwiches for those in need


December 7th, 2018


Pizza Talk Discussion: What is S.T.E.M and why is it important for Future Lady Leaders?

How does S.T.E.M fall into our mission of our 3 C’s?

Activity: from High School S.T.E.M club*/Activity from Mind Bytes* (TBD)

Group Activity: How can we use S.T.E.M to serve our community? Brainstorm plans of action, budget supplies needed, identify stakeholders and outline proposal with Mentors

Community Activity: Count, organize and pack holiday drive collection 


January 4th, 2019

Oh, The Places You Will Go!

Pizza Talk Discussion: What do you want to be when you grow up and why?

Activity: What are your strengths (defined as what brings your joy and passion!)/What are your opportunities (defined as what drains you, what you dread doing!)

Workshop Event: What I Want to be When I Grow Up Fair - Rotating speakers of specific different occupations to speak to the girls about their journey

Community Event: After Holiday Community Service Project - write cards and put together treat bags for the South Jersey Food Bank/Hand’n’Heart


February 1st, 2019

Love Yourself - Through Sickness & in Health!

Pizza talk discussion: What does it mean to love yourself?

Why are confidence, self- esteem and a healthy body imagine important?

Group Activity: How can we take care of ourselves? Make a list!

Guest Speaker – Local Female Medical Practitioner TBA


CPR/First AID Training TBA


March 1st, 2019

Tough Conversations

Pizza Talk Discussion: What are conversations you don’t like having? How do you prep for these tough conversations?

Critical Thinking Team Building Activity

Giving and receiving feedback - Why is feedback important? How does getting feedback make your feel? Can we always align Intent vs. action?

Managing Conflict - Why do words matter? How can we lead by example with our words? How can we lead by example with our actions?

Managing Conflict Activity: Analyzing conflict in our favorite books, movies, and TV shows - How was the conflict handled well? poorly? what could they have done better? why was there conflict?



April 5th, 2019

Critical Thinking

Pizza Talk Discussion: Riddles that require critical thinking - How did you figure out the answer? Why couldn’t you figure out the answer?

Understanding Intuition: “Trusting your gut” – you know you best, when have you have/have not followed your intuition in a situation? How did it turn out?

Activity: Social Circumstances Critical Thinking: “What would you do?” situational decision making

Understanding your choices and expected outcomes – did you consider them all?

Team Building Critical Thinking Activity

Prep for Final Project!


May 3rd, 2019

2nd Annual Leadership Celebration Presentations!

Closing Ceremony

Guest speakers

Girls present all final projects to family and friends



Future Lady Leadership scholarship award given to winning Lenape district graduate!

Registration opens for next year!


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