Our workshops are a fun and safe space for girls from 2nd to 7th grade to come together and focus on developing the 3 C's: Confidence, Creativity and Compassion

Why Join our Workshops?

With the support of volunteers and mentors from local high schools within our community, the girls are going to stretch their imaginations in workshops and learn to think bigger than themselves. We create a safe environment were everyone is heard, their opinion matters and girls can express themselves to build confidence. 

We are also bring in guest speakers and provide community service opportunities to give the girls an understanding of what it takes to make their towns a safe and fun place to live, become more civically and socially aware and hopefully ignite inspiration!

Being understanding of working families busy schedules and other commitment conflicts, workshops will be held once a month.

Recurring Schedule

The first Friday of every month* - 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM - Bishops Gate, Mt. Laurel





2019/2020 Agenda TBA!


Friday, 9/6/19

-        Pizza Talk: What does confidence mean to you?

  • How can you build your confidence?

  • Understanding YOU can make a difference

-        Magic wand project

-        Impacting your community

  • Action planning policy change that matters to you

    • Identify community you are a part of

    • Identify an issue

    • Identify how you would like to address it

    • Write out an action plan

    • Start action-ing what you can!

-        Introduce and select debate topics

  • Hand out debate project details


Friday, 10/4/19

-Pizza Talk: What is a debate?

  • Go over debate topics

  • Walk through debate

-        Robotics Class


Friday, 11/8/19 (not 11/1 -Day after Halloween)

-        Debate presentation for family and friends


Friday, 12/6/19

-        Pizza Talk: What does financial literacy mean? Why is it important?

Financial Literacy

  • Budgeting activity

    • Shopping on a budget

    • Living on a budget

-        FLL will support large community service project of running a “Holiday Helper” shop at a local nursing home

  • Organize and label collected donations to prep

  • Sign up for assistance for actual event

    • Sunday 12/15/19 1:30-3:30 at Brightview Assisted Living in Marlton


Friday, 1/3/20

-        “Oh The Places You WILL Go!” Career Fair

  • Multiple guest speakers invited to talk to our girls about their career journey, their passions, skills and challenges that got them there.


Friday, 2/7/20

-        Pizza Talk - Kindness/compassion/leading by example in school and at home – what does that look like? How do you define compassion?

-        Share the love!

  • Community Service Project – focusing on the less fortunate as they are often forgotten about after the holidays (projects TBD)

-        Self love creative art project

  • Silhouette portrait affirmations


Friday, 3/6/20

-        Pizza Talk: Why is math important?

  • How did you use math today?

-        Math Matters

  • How do we use math?

  • Examples/activities of how we regularly use math

  • STEM in daily life


Friday, 4/3/20

-        Pizza Talk: What is Journalism?

  • Why is Journalism important?

  • How do we consume media?

  • How do we know if we are getting the truth?

  • Revisit Fact, False or Opinion from last year

  • How can we ask meaningful questions?

  • What should we consider before presenting?

  • Who is your audience?

  • What is your point of view?

  • What is your desired goal? Did you achieve it?

  • Did you do your research?


Friday, 5/1/20

-        Final Presentations!

Pick a leader in our community, write/design 3 meaningful questions, interview your selected person and create and present a piece of media making sure that it:

  • Shows your point of view

  • Researched, questions were based on facts

·      FLL Volunteers will be available to assist with any technical questions and will provide assistance with step by step instructions


Future Lady Leadership scholarship awarded!


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